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23, 24, 25 Jan 2015

KCG College of technology


HYLC 2012 was the first very edition and saw the participation of hundreds of students from all over India, as well as international participation, with participants coming over from countries overseas. We invited Executive Board members from USA and the UK. This conference also played stage to some very prominent personalities, namely:

  • Gopalkrishna Gandhi, former Ambassador to Norway and former Governor of West Bengal.
  • T P Sreenivasan, former Ambassador to Austria and former Permanent Representative for India in the United Nations.
  • Jennifer McIntyre, U S Consul General.
  • Sheela Rani Chunkath, Additional Chief Secretary/CMD Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation.
  • Dr. Venkatesh Athreya, eminent economist and advocate of sustainable development.
  • R Ramamurthy, Chairman, Cyber Society of India.
  • Commodore Shekhar (Retd.), Regional Director, National Maritime Foundation.

The Six councils that were simulated at HYLC-2012 are:

  • Bilderberg Conference
  • UN Security Council
  • G-20
  • Rio+20
  • Indian Council

The social package included a social dinner at the Green Medows beach Resort, on East Coastal Road, Chennai. The latter half of the social dinner included a concert by a professional band. One of the factors that made HYLC-2012 stand apart from the rest was the high quality of debate, throughout the 3 days of the conference. The conference was a grand success and paved the way for other MUNs in the region, to follow.