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23, 24, 25 Jan 2015

KCG College of technology


HYLC 2013 was the second edition and saw the participation of hundreds of students from all across India. The Executive Board was carefully picked out for their competence and professionalism. HYLC 2013, just like the previous edition had a number of notable speakers, including

  • Mr. R. Nataraj, Former DGP and TNPSC Chairman.
  • Dr. Geeta Madhavan, Advocate and Founding member- Centre for Security Analysis
  • Shri P. Murari, Former Secretary to the President of India, Advisor to the President, FICCI.

The councils simulated at HYLC-2013 were

  • The United Nations Security Council
  • The United Nations Human Rights Council
  • The Bilderberg Conference.

Social dinner was organized for the delegates that allowed them to interact and bond with delegates from different cultures and societies. Just like the previous edition, the quality of debate shone above everything else.