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23, 24, 25 Jan 2015

KCG College of technology


" Please follow the link to apply as a Delegate - Click here "

All students above the age of 16, irrespective of their educational stream are eligible to participate in HYLC 2015.

  • College students (Graduate and Undergraduate students)
  • School Students
  • International students
  • School and College Institutions can even register as a delegation.

The cost of registration fee for an individual Indian applicant is:

  • Rs.1200 (Without Accommodation)
  • Rs.1800 (With Accommodation)

The cost of registration for International applicants is $100 (USD)

Delegate applications will be processed only after interested applicants fill out and submit their application form. Further details regarding the application form, selection process and payment process will be updated on the website and will be notified on social media platforms.

HYLC Best Delegation Rolling Trophy

  • We would like to present to you the "HYLC Best Delegation Rolling Trophy".
  • This is the very first time that this trophy is being instituted, since the first edition of HYLC.
  • This trophy shall be awarded to a delegation with the highest points.
  • Details regarding the points system will be revealed on the day of the conference.
  • A delegation should constitute of a minimum of 6 delegates from a particular educational institution.
  • Every student in the delegation must be currently enrolled in the same educational institution.
  • Former students of an institution, who have completed their courses, cannot be part of a delegation.

Note: The delegate has to be allotted in the first round in order to be eligible for this concession.