Hindustan Young Leaders Conference

Over the years, we the students of K.C.G College of Technology, Chennai have been hosting The Hindustan Young Leaders Conference which is an academic simulation of The United Nations that gives youngsters a platform to enhance their knowledge and deliberate upon global issues.

At HYLC, we are determined to foster an environment which would enable delegates to reflect upon the complexities of geopolitics and international relations that shape the dynamics of the world and provide an insight to the bureaucratic functioning of the various organizations under the United Nations. We intend to make this an enriching experience for delegates by simulating a practical environment that would encourage student leadership and learning, promote cultural diversity ,impel them to research, hone their use of diplomatic skills to negotiate, persuade and above all empower them to become effective leaders of the global community.

What is a MUN?

A MUN or a Model United Nations is an academic simulation which provides students with the opportunity to debate about the biggest challenges facing world leaders.

Model UN also enables participants enhance their knowledge and understanding of international affairs and build their abilities in speaking and negotiation. Research in preparation for a Model UN conference hones students’ analytical skills, and by converting that research into resolutions, students also develop their conflict resolution skills.

HYLC training materials

We understand that if it's the delegate's first time at a Model United Nations, things can be a little overwhelming. To ensure that delegates can ease into committee without feeling lost among the points, motions and caucuses, we have put together some important material we feel you should be familiar with prior to attending HYLC 2016.

HYLC 2016 - Pre-Conference Preparation.

Communicating Effectively at HYLC 2016.

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