Bilderberg Conference

Every year political leaders, experts from finance, academia and media come together to take part in a highly secretive, private conference. Historically, attendee lists have been weighted towards bankers, politicians, and directors of large businesses.

The meeting hotels are inaccessible for any other guest for the full period of the conference and sentinelled by private security staff as well as by local police authorities. What goes on inside the four walls of the conference hall is highly secretive and is generally not known to the outside world.

HYLC-2012 was the very first MUN conference to simulate the Bilderberg Committee, anywhere in the world. This committee will not only prove to be challenging to a delegate, but will also give the delegate a sense of responsibility, as delegates do not represent countries, but rather the personalities allotted to them.


Threats to transatlantic relations

Executive Board

Chairperson: Radhakrishnan Venkataraman

What comes to mind when you hear the name, “Mr. Radhakrishnan Venkataraman? Is it the “_/\_”, his emoji of choice and party symbol? Or is it his wide network of friends and fans?
Radhakrishnan Venkataraman is a final year student of Mechanical Engineering at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai. His journey with MUNs started at DPSMUN 2009 and has been composed of over 25 MUNs as delegate, member of the Executive Board and member of the Organising Committee. He served as the Secretary General of SSN MUN 2017.
He completed his schooling in Dubai and was awarded the Sheikh Hamdan Award for the Distinguished Student by the government of UAE. He was also a quizzer and a national level debater . International Relations and Economics buff, avid reader of books and football fanatic – Radhakrishnan is the man who is tasked with steering the Bilderberg Group in the right direction .

Vice Chairperson: Raghav Subramanian

Raghav K Subramanian is starting out at Qualcomm India Pvt Ltd having graduated with a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication from VIT University, Chennai this year. A familiar face in the Chennai MUN circuit, Raghav has a comprehensive experience of around 20 MUNs with a compelling win record across a diverse range of councils ranging from Security Councils to Human Rights Councils. He is best known for representing the diabolical Donald J Trump to perfection and prides on taking upon controversial allotments and defending them in style. With his street-smart and spontaneous approach towards MUNs and life in general, he thrives in crisis councils and unconventional committees and professes a soft corner towards matters concerning international peace and security. A self-confessed perfectionist, Raghav is known for his focus on the technical aspects of debate and brings an old-school approach to MUNning with a painstaking emphasis on factual and logical accuracy in committee.He believes that challenging oneself beyond their limits is the only way to progress and highly values meticulous research and diplomatic conduct in committee. Raghav promises to give his best to make every council memorable and expects nothing lesser from his delegates.With his cheery presence and his artful banter, he sure has a couple of tricks up his sleeve to make you deliver on your side of the agreement.

Director: Karthi Kumar S

“Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”
Karthi Kumar S is an engineer, an introvert, a great fan of Tyrion Lannister and Master Yoda, a wannabe Ironman and above all, a Homo-Sapien. He is a student of KCG College of Technology and is pursuing his Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering. He discovered his love for debates in his school days when others were busy discovering their love, period. He graduated to MUNs at the Bilderberg Conference in HYLC 2015 where he was accidentally allotted the role of someone powerful (refer US elections). Having been to 2 Bilderberg Conferences already, he is “the Illuminati” director that HYLC will cherish. Karthi has been to 15 MUNs in the capacity of a delegate and as a part of the EB and is most known for his array of awards representing Communist countries. Thus, it isn't surprising to find him inculcate "China" into any conversation. Karthi Kumar is someone who learns things the engineer way. He believes in exploiting the degrees of freedom of a flying machine and has built a fully functional RC plane, Tricopter and a model rocket. Apart from MUNs, His interests vary from coding to gaming, from philosophy to criminology, from sports to science. With a varied interest in various fields, he chose to become an engineer. In addition to all these, Karthi is a quizzer, a chess player, a blend of Tech savvy and slice of life blogging about games, phones ,laptops, which has earned him the name “Jack of all trades, Master of none.”.
Team HYLC is happy to have him on board.