General Assembly - Emergency Special Sessions

At the end of the Security Council meeting, if the committee lacks unanimity among the permanent members and thus a lack of consensus in the decisions they want to take, it might lead to a failed resolution and thus a failure in the exercise of powers of the Security Council. In that case, the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately with a view to making appropriate recommendations to Members for collective measures, including the use of armed force when necessary, to maintain or restore international peace and security. If not in session at the time, the General Assembly may meet in emergency special session within twenty-four hours of the request by the security council therefor.

The Emergency Special Session shall be called if it is requested by the security council on the vote of any seven members or by a majority of members of the United Nations.


The Suez crisis of 1956

Executive Board

Chairperson: Sai Anand

Sai Anand is a final year student pursuing a B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering at VIT University, Chennai Campus. A versatile Model UN participant and a well-known face in the Chennai circuit, Sai has been a part of 27 Model UN conferences taking on 12 different committees under different capacities including delegate, member of the executive board and member of the organising committee. Having started his Model UN journey as early as 2007, he has built quite the repute starring in several technical committees, both within and outside the UN realm, which he attributes to his ability to combine logical solutions with meticulous fact-finding in the simplest manner possible. Taking special interest in sports committees, due to his love for football, he has travelled as far as Guwahati to participate in Model UNs in addition to having already done a fair amount of school MUNs in Singapore. Sai is also a core member of Loquiitor, an organisation founded with the purpose of promoting a healthy debate culture among young debate enthusiasts in the circuit. Although an engineering student, Sai holds a keen interest in gaming and is an active follower of the e-Sports community. You can find him playing Dota 2 and CS:GO on the Valve SEA servers going by the moniker "ScouZa". Sai also fervently worships John Oliver, to whom his behaviour has often been drawn parallels to, and has even represented him in one of his previous Model UN conferences, winning an award in the process. A compulsive grammar Nazi, Sai is well known to be a #menacingpresence on social media, be it taking digs at his own circumstances or posting redundant op-ed style football commentary. Despite his soft and calm demeanour, he transforms into his quirky and intellectual alter-ego of sorts, ripping apart pretentious arguments with a mix of cold logic and subtle sarcasm that gets through to people, doing so in his characteristic style of long (grammatically correct) sentences filled with rhetoric that present him with the added advantage of making people want to claw their brains out (like the ones here).

Vice Chairperson: Vaibhav Kn

Vaibhav started MUNing since his 8th grade with wins in almost every MUN he has attended, Vaibhav KN (a.k.a Vaibabe/ Kn) is one of the most versatile MUNers you will find in the southern circuit.In his third year pursuing chemical engineering, he has a long history of over 30 MUNs.You will always find him encouraging spirited competition and quality debate and is someone who does a lot of public speaking with ease. He also has a wide range of interests, including research, having Co-Authored a technical paper as well. A few of his hobbies include reading, playing snooker and watching football.

Director: Eassa Salim

"I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few”
Eassa Salim is a 2nd year student of KCG college of technology who clearly gets a kick out of empathizing with Hitler quotes. He grew up with an enthusiasm in literature and a weariness in teaching others how to pronounce his name. He has been to several quizzes and speaking competitions and has even contemplated participating in some of them. With an experience in MUNs spanning a little over a year, His journey in this wondrous field started when he stumbled upon the intra-college MUN preceding HYLC 2016 and took refuge at the conference to avoid submitting his assignments. Since then he has gained an avid interest in MUNning and has participated in them for comparatively valiant and socially acceptable reasons including a thirst for knowledge, improvement in proficiency of the language and social nights.
Eassa is a firm believer that victory can be attained only by ruthlessly eliminating those who oppose you and even placing explosives strategically if necessary. But when he is not playing Counter Strike, He preaches peace and romance across various platforms and argues that resorting to violence is only acceptable when the garlic bread goes missing. Throughout the course of his existence, He intends to ask the important questions in life - "what is the legitimacy of Israel?","What does it take to get a citric fruit to be the president?" and "When is Lunch?".
With a calm and questionably apathetic demeanor, he drifts through life and its problems with logic, a clear line of thought and pasta. One may occasionally find themselves crossing paths with the director of ESS, who frequently lurks about the corridors with a "better late than never" attitude that speak more of his punctuality than his personality. Be warned, he doesn't take kindly to sexists, vegans and hypocrites.