Security Council

The UNSC, one of the six principal organs of the UN, is responsible for maintaining international peace and security. The Security Council has the authority to call for use of force to achieve the same. The decisions taken by the UNSC in general are binding in nature on all member nations. The other powers of the UNSC include the authority to start peacekeeping operations and place international sanctions. Approvals to the changes to the UN Charter are also through the UNSC.


Korean War, 1950

Executive Board

Chairperson: Aman Singh

Hailing from a military background which kept moving across the country and Mr Singh had the opportunity to learn about people, about cultures, about societies and most importantly about India. An alumnus of VIT University Chennai, Mr Singh was one of the founding members of the DebSoc and the Secretary General of VITC MUN in its inaugural edition.
An MBA graduate from the Faculty of Management Studies, Mr. Singh has worked in roles ranging from Software developer to Investment banker, now handling every possible aspect of business at his startup, R2 Robotronics.
He firmly believes that we don't do MUNs to take decisions or even understand how the world leaders make decisions; we do them so as to understand why certain decisions were taken, what was the rationale behind them.
A familiar face, Aman Singh has the distinction of attending every edition of HYLC till date.

Vice Chairperson: Anirudh Vaidhyaa

Anirudh Vaidhyaa is a third year electronics engineering student from SRM University, Chennai. With a colossal experience of around 25 MUNs in a variety of committees, Anirudh is the embodiment of the term multipotentialite and has asserted his dominance by picking out a number of competitive councils and winning them at ease. Behind his calm demeanour, Anirudh possesses a near unparalleled thirst for knowledge on international affairs with a deceptive side people are slow to catch up on. A veteran in the Chennai MUN circuit, Anirudh values intellectual debate and diplomatic conduct in committee very highly and he considers these attributes to be linked to Israel - the one country he has a deep attachment with. With his surgical strategies and technical knowledge, Anirudh is one of the best examples of a dying breed of MUNners that hold up the highest level of ethics associated to MUNs but with the masterful art of deception, plays with the delegates like a puppeteer moving his dolls. With his shrewd but systematic approach to MUNs, you can expect Anirudh to come out all guns blazing and make you go the extra mile to attain your objectives in committee.

Director: Jonadab Theodore

Jonadab is a first-year student of KCG college of technology. This is his first time in the Executive Board, but rest assured, he has undergone enough training to stay focused for 3 days of hard labour, whipping out his pen as and when necessary. He has attended 6 muns as a delegate and is well known for his ability to put his points across well.
He is also a big fan of Game of Thrones. Speaking of Big, Jonadab truly embodies the size matters argument at his 6'2 foot tall frame which is one of the first things people notice when they meet him face to face, metaphorically of course.He is remembered fondly by friends for his cheerful nature and the ability to be used as an impromptu umbrella. When he isn't crouching awkwardly in small spaces, He expresses his support for The Trump on various social media platforms and has consequentially had no success in Tinder.