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Over the years, we the students of KCG College of Technology, Chennai have been hosting The Hindustan Young Leaders Conference which is an academic simulation of The United Nations that gives youngsters a platform to enhance their knowledge and deliberate upon global issues.

At HYLC, we are determined to foster an environment which would enable delegates to reflect upon the complexities of geopolitics and international relations that shape the dynamics of the world and provide an insight to the bureaucratic functioning of the various organizations under the United Nations. We intend to make this an enriching experience for delegates by simulating a practical environment that would encourage student leadership and learning, promote cultural diversity ,impel them to research, hone their use of diplomatic skills to negotiate, persuade and above all empower them to become effective leaders of the global community.

What is a MUN?

A MUN or a Model United Nations is an academic simulation which provides students with the opportunity to debate about the biggest challenges facing world leaders.

Model UN also enables participants enhance their knowledge and understanding of international affairs and build their abilities in speaking and negotiation. Research in preparation for a Model UN conference hones students’ analytical skills, and by converting that research into resolutions, students also develop their conflict resolution skills.

Letter from Secretary General

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I consider it an honour to welcome you all to the 6th edition of the Hindustan Young Leaders Conference, scheduled to take place from the 19th to the 21st of January, 2018.

The Hindustan Young Leaders Conference, commonly referred to as HYLC, is hosted by KCG College of Technology, Chennai. It is one of the oldest and the most respected Model UN conferences in the country. Understanding the potential of the youth, HYLC has served as a platform for leaders of tomorrow to share their opinions and arrive at solutions to issues that have been plaguing the world and preventing the UN from achieving its ultimate objectives of ensuring peace, security, harmony and equality. The United Nations has always been a promoter of collective decision-making and believes in providing a voice to every section of the world community. That is why HYLC is styled along the lines of how the UN works.

HYLC has always attracted the highest quality in terms of delegates, Executive Board members and Guest speakers and has carved a niche for itself. It is the one place where the cream of the MUN lot compete and debate against each other, and a win at HYLC is considered one of the biggest achievements for MUN regulars. This year, to ensure quality of MUNs in future, we have added one more committee to our usual list of 4. This committee will cater exclusively to school students, enabling them to get a first hand experience of how things ought to be at MUNs.

I have been bestowed with the privilege of working with an amazing Secretariat and Organizing Committee and I am confident that together as a team we will be able to create an environment most conducive for you to debate and become leaders and decision-makers of substance.

I, thus, would like to invite you to something more than an academic simulation, I would like to invite you to an educational experience like no other. Welcome to HYLC 2018!

January 19th - 21st, 2018. I’ll see you there.

Warm Regards,
Aravind N,
Secretary General,
HYLC 2018.


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