Bilderberg Council

The Bilderberg is an annual meeting that witnesses the amalgamation of the most influential people of different walks of life gather under one roof and deliberate secretively on issues/ events that are bound to impact the world as we know. The invitation is extended to political leaders, celebrities and business tycoons, among others. No one ever knows what happens inside the conference rooms and it is kept from all the paparazzi. Even the hotel where the conference occurs is inaccessible to common folk during the entirety of the meeting and the list of attendees is revealed only much after that particular meeting ends.


Executive Board

Anirudh Vaidhyaa

Co Steering Board Member

Anirudh Vaidhyaa is a fourth year electronics engineering student from SRM University, Chennai. With a colossal experience of around 40 MUNs in a variety of committees, Anirudh is the embodiment of the term multipotentialite and has asserted his dominance by picking out a number of competitive councils and winning them at ease. Behind his calm demeanour, Anirudh possesses a near unparalleled thirst for knowledge on international affairs. A veteran in the Chennai MUN circuit, Anirudh values intellectual debate and diplomatic conduct in committee very highly and he considers these attributes to be linked to Israel - the one country he has a deep attachment with. With his surgical strategies and technical knowledge, Anirudh is one of the best examples of a dying breed of MUNners that hold up the highest level of ethics associated to MUNs but with the masterful art of deception, plays with the delegates like a puppeteer moving his dolls. With his shrewd and systematic approach to MUNs, you can expect Anirudh to come out all guns blazing and make you go the extra mile to attain your objectives in committee.

Vaibhav KN

Co Steering Board Member

Vaibhav started MUNing since his 8th grade with wins in almost every MUN he has attended, Vaibhav KN (a.k.a Vaibabe/ Kn) is one of the most versatile MUNers you will find in the southern circuit. He is in his final year pursuing chemical engineering,and has a long history of over 30 MUNs.You will always find him encouraging spirited competition and quality debate and is someone who does a lot of public speaking with ease. He has been involved in conducting various workshops for communication and public speaking and apart from public speaking, his interests include a variety of things from entrepreneurship to sports.



Do… or do not. There is no try. -Master Yoda

Mr.Jedidiah is a 3rd year B.E Aeronautical Engineering student from KCG college of technology. A person driven by curiosity,and thirst for knowledge. A Petrol head with Interest in Space, Science and Technology,

A huge fan of Star Wars(going by his name JEDI). Participating and winning various quizzes and debates since childhood, graduated to MUNs and had been a part of the HYLC-Bilderberg Council 2017, he has delegated in various MUNs and this is his first MUN as a part of the Executive Board. He is up-to-date with the current politics and conspiracy theories and believes nothing is a coincidence and approaches issues from different perspectives. You can expect him to provide his absolute best to the council.