International Press

The International Press is an integral part of any great conference, though it doesn't always demand the limelight it so deserves. These crusaders of truth ensure that a neutral and a fair picture of what happens within the four walls of various committees is presented to people outside. Nothing that is said in a committee goes unnoticed, thanks to these folks, who bring a mix of elegance and wit to their writing. The work of the International Press indicates the success of an MUN, even if revisited years later.


Executive Board

Aayushi Sharma

Head of the IP

Aayushi is a fourth-year engineering student at BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, majoring in Chemistry, and Electrical and Electronics. An existentialist and chocolate fanatic, she finds solace in travel and nature. On a normal day, she finds herself engulfed in the world literature, Japanese works being her favourite. An ardent writer and photographer, she is a passionate proponent of Journalism. She considers Journalism as a fulfilling and powerful art, which helps to add meaning to an otherwise chaotic world. She lives her ideology through MUNs and believes that the conference provides a great impetus for journalists to understand the nuances of International Relations and writing.

Shruthi Subramanian

Head of the IP

Shruthi Subramanian, a 3rd year student of Information Technology from SRM University, is someone who has never wandered beyond the temple that is the International Press. Participating as a delegate was a one-time fling; there is no changing her now. She has an experience of 11 conferences as a part of the press. She enjoys the freedom that the International Press comes with, like the lack of rules of procedure. Neither white nor black: it is the land of rainbows.

She strives to be a perfectionist, just to take a dig at the voice of anxiety. Her sense of humour happens to be top notch. (Haters will say that it's Photoshopped.)

Writing has always been a passion, but it was through the International Press that she learnt how to channel her words, in a way that they could make a difference.